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The city of Tampa has a unique connection to the golden age of piracy, celebrated annually since 1904 through the Gasparilla Celebration. While the legendary tales of José Gaspar have been both recounted and questioned over the years, many other famous pirates sailed the seas from the 1650s to the 1850s. One such pirate was Henry Morgan, who spent most of his life in the Caribbean Islands. Commissioned by the Kingdom of England, he seized Spanish ships and invaded Spanish colonies in Jamaica, Cuba, and Venezuela. In recognition of his service, King Charles II knighted him in 1674.

Morgan’s Cove is the perfect complement to its sister property, the British pub Yeoman’s, located next door on Morgan Street in Tampa. Morgan’s Cove offers an escape to a seaside pirate tavern, a place where pirates, plunderers, and privateers would gather to enjoy rum, whiskey, and other spirits while boasting about their exploits on the high seas and encounters with mythical sea creatures.

Immerse yourself in this ancient swashbuckler’s den and enjoy a cocktail from our expansive drink menu. Now, you don’t have to wait until the end of January each year to indulge in your pirate adventures!


Look for the wooden door and red light.

Age 21 and up only

Hours of Operation

Sunday – Wednesday : 4pm- 11pm
Thursday – Saturday: 4pm – 1am