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Donn Beach, born Ernest Raymond Gantt, is widely considered the founding father of American Tiki Culture and the creator of many famous tropical cocktails enjoyed worldwide. Donn pioneered the art of blending multiple styles and flavors of rum, which he called his ‘Rhum Rhapsodies,’ and used only freshly squeezed juices and proprietary syrups and spice blends to delight his Hollywood clientele.

From his early life until his passing in 1989, Donn was driven by his passions for exploration, creativity, and the joy of entertaining others. We believe that if Donn could have lived another 100 years, he would have continued to push the boundaries of the craft cocktail genre, creating unique and experiential bars and restaurants. He would have set new standards for cocktails, not just with rum but also with whiskeys, agaves and gins that have gained popularity over the past 40 years.

Inspired by Donn’s legacy and his desire to create immersive experiences dedicated to escapism, we have established the Gantt Reserve Collection. This collection features unique, experiential, bar-forward destinations committed to the highest quality cocktails made with the finest ingredients, all set in captivating atmospheres. The first venue in this collection is Morgan’s Cove in Tampa, Florida, with a second location planned for Plantation, Florida, and more to come in the future.

These locations, and many more to follow, will be designed and developed by the Don the Beachcomber team from 23 Restaurant Services in Tampa, Florida. In the future, we may collaborate with or certify other outstanding, unique experiential bars across the U.S. and the world that meet our high standards of excellence. Every Gantt Reserve location will feature a distinctive design and menu, ensuring enthusiasts enjoy a unique experience each time they visit.