Madeira Beach: Opening November 2023

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8/16: Madeira Beach: Opening November 2023

We have a big shift in plans here at 23 Restaurant Services! The previously scheduled third Tiki Docks location is no more.  

Instead, we’re forecasting a November 2023 opening of the first brand new DON THE BEACHCOMBER on the ground floor of the Cambria Hotel in Madeira Beach near St Petersburg!

It’s going to be smaller than the locations planned for Viera and Hamlin (both opening in 2024) but much closer to our home base. This allows us a space to do all the research and development we need to get things dialed in before opening the next locations. I’m hard at work on the cocktail menu, and we’re all getting fat testing new food recipes!  Glassware and plate samples are rolling in!

Danny “Tiki Diablo” Gallardo, Dave “Basement Kahuna” Wolfe, and others are starting the build out next month. We just acquired 20 vintage jade Chinese tiles, 3 storage units of nautical decor, and are stocking up on custom collectables like glasses, coasters, and matches. (Available for sale on our Shopify site btw… )

Meanwhile, John “Eekum Boom” Mulder is hard at work finishing up our first custom Donn mug. Our Creative Director, Justin Peterson, has been chained to his desk designing new artwork for the menu, new merchandise, and other things we’re not allowed to talk about just yet…wait until you see all the eye candy he’s coming up with! Folks have already taken his new designs and gotten tattoos of them!!!

Who’s excited that the LEGEND IS BACK??

(Me, me, me!!)