The Legend is Back

23 Restaurant Services worked tirelessly to bring the iconic restaurant back to the tiki world in a way that honored the past, felt relevant to current tiki enthusiasts, and ensured the continuation of Donn Beach’s legacy for years to come. In February 2024, 23RS reintroduced the Original Tiki Bar on…

The tiki Revival

The late 20th century and early 21st century witnessed a revival of interest in tiki culture. New generations of bartenders and mixologists rediscovered the art of crafting tiki cocktails, and classic tiki bars were resurrected or reimagined–including Don the Beachcomber.

Preservation of the Legacy

Despite the decline, the allure of Don the Beachcomber and tiki culture never entirely faded. Enthusiasts and collectors began to preserve and document the history of tiki bars, cocktails, and decor. This grassroots movement played a crucial role in preserving the legacy of Donn Beach and his creation.

Changing Tastes and Decline

The 1970s saw a decline in the popularity of tiki culture and its associated bars. Changing tastes and a shift towards more minimalist and modern aesthetics led to the closure of many tiki establishments, including several Don the Beachcomber locations. Donn Beach himself had sold his interest in the brand…